Coco Gifts Ecommerce (Mini Capstone)

Category : Web Design & Development
Completion : June 2019
Tools : PHP, Bootstrap-4, Javascript, MySQL

The Coco Gifts Ecommerce site was develop for educational purposes. The main goal of this is to give everyone awareness regarding on the benefits of Coconut in different ways.
This online platform is for all coconut products that can help every Coconut Dealer, Saler to expand the business, in line with embracing customers residing in non-coastal regions. Coconut Production is a top designed template enabling you to promote the coconut processing & its by products via a website.
The country is also considered a biodiversity hotspot. This is because the Philippines continues to experience an alarming rate of destruction of these important resources brought about by overexploitation, deforestation, land degradation, climate change, and pollution (including biological pollution), among others.