Web Design & Development

Category : Web Design & Development
Client : TQ Travel Solutions
Completion : October 2016
Tools : HTML5, CSS3, JQUERY, Javascript

This high quality Responsive Web design and Development for the Travel Agency. In an age when travel companies are focused on leveraging the best operational technology available, it’s easy to see why some companies might dismiss responsive websites as a lower-order concern. Plus, with so many travel companies operating on web platforms designed four or five years ago, it’s not hard to understand how these companies simply failed to recognized the need for this responsive technology and have since struggled to play catch-up as web-based tech has developed and evolved so rapidly over such a short period of time.
This is what is meant by a responsive website: a website design that recognizes a visitor’s device, changes page configurations for best viewing, and is capable of displaying with optimal functionality across all spectrums of devices - desktop, laptop, tablet, and more.
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