Ecobag Design

Category : Graphic / Design
Completion : November 2018
Tools : Illustrator

This high quality Ecobag design is for the Event Giveaways. This Designs are classy, colors are vibrant and do not peel or fade. I do personalized or customized with printed canvas Eco-bags for birthday giveaways, wedding favors, corporate giveaways etc.
Say NO to Plastic! The Philippines ranks number 3 among the world’s worst offenders of plastic polluters in our oceans, and has among the highest trash collection rates in Southeast Asia! AVOID SINGLE-USE PLASTIC PRODUCTS! One of the biggest contributors to plastic waste is single-use, disposable products — plastic cups, bottles, utensils, toothbrushes, straws, food containers, shopping bags — items which already have sustainable counterparts readily available today. Stop that 'throwaway mentality' and make that change. NOW! This design Eco bags can help people reduce, re-use and recycle. This Eco bags are alternative to plastic bags. Ideal for your store, giveaways, incentives and groceries.
You can promote your company with a custom screen print, I can produce almost any of your style of layout print in accordance with your specific requirements.