What are the top trending PHP Framework for every web developers?

When it comes on elevating our skills as a Web Developer we need to learn more web development Tools like PHP. So what is PHP? PHP is Hypertext PreProcessor also known as Personal Home Page. It is the world most popular scripting languages used for server-side web development. It is used by multiple organizations, especially for content management sites like WordPress.

What's the main advantages you get using a framework?

  • - Frameworks speed up the development process by automatically creating functionality like CRUD so that the developer can focus on creativity than base structure.
  • - Using frameworks drastically reduces the time of the project as complex codes need not be typed.
  • - As MVC pattern is used, the code gets optomized hence will run faster.
  • - These frameworks have inbuilt Core Library, hence coding gets lighter as compared to the traditional way of PHP coding.

Here we are going to reveal the top trending PHP Framework that will surely help you out in web development.

1. Laravel. It is currently the most popular PHP frameworks used by businesses for developing rich web apps and widely used by developers these days. It is a highly flexible framework, and developers can customize features that they require. Compared to other frameworks, Laravel is extremely easy to use. It is also suitable for just about anything one might wish to create for the web.

GitHub Stars: 53.7k+

  • Best Features you can get
  • - Flexible and scalable
  • - Secure framework
  • - Fast execution
  • - Easy Documentation
  • - Full Community Support
  • - Implements ORM technology
  • - Ease of Implementation
  • - Access to databases directly with the help of its query builder

2. Symfony. It is an extensive PHP MVC framework and known for following accurately the PHP and web standards. Symfony is easy to install and configure on most platforms and it is best choice for developing large-scale enterprise projects.

GitHub Stars: 21.3k+

  • Best Features you can get
  • - Based on MVC
  • - Flexible URI routing
  • - Reusability of code
  • - Good Documentation
  • - Session management
  • - Database classes support different platforms
  • - Security against cross-site requests, forgery, and many more threats

3. CodeIgniter. It is a powerful, highly used, lightweight and one of the best PHP web development frameworks which is built for those developers who need a simple yet elegant toolkit for creating fully featured web applications.

GitHub Stars: 17.5k+

  • Best Features you can get
  • - Lightweight framework
  • - Supports MVC architecture
  • - Well-written Documentation
  • - Ease of Implementation
  • - Classes to help developers perform complicated tasks
  • - Has many features like security, data encryption, session management, and more

3. Yii Framework. It stands for Yes, it is! and it is actually one of the most simple and innovative framework. It is a high-performance and component based PHP framework which is used for developing modern web applications.

GitHub Stars: 13k+

  • Best Features you can get
  • - Highly scalable
  • - Easy to follow installation process
  • - Robust security features
  • - Excellent speed and performance
  • - Regularly updateS

3. CakePHP. It is one of the easiest & one of the best PHP frameworks to learn currently. That has amazing set of libraries which include a lot of innovative and highly useful components. CakePHP is the best framework if you want to implement rare set of features.

GitHub Stars: 7.9k+

  • Best Features you can get
  • - Works on MVC
  • - Scalable
  • - Has ORM features
  • - Built-in validation
  • - Supports CRUD operations

We can see clearly in the above Google Trends, Laravel is surely racing ahead in the list of best PHP Frameworks in 2019 while Symfony is also giving some tough competition here. Also, there is an interesting aspect that Codeigniter and CakePHP are gaining some traction in the list of top PHP Frameworks.

"My Last Words about this"

As a Web Developer I can say that this PHP Frameworks are present to make your job of coding easier and faster. They provide many PHP Development Solutions that help you in developing your application. You can develop efficient code which is also concise and effective using these PHP Development Services. There are many good frameworks available in the market that are open source, all you need to do is find the best one for you and get started on your PHP development.


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