The Importance of Typography

We can see today’s in our digital era more than ever people are aware of typography, design and how the world looks around them. It means when someone visits your website, they don't care much about the graphics, they just go through the textual content. This is because, texts are the major sources of information. Typography is a crucial part of the design, but ironically, it is usually not well thought out but is rather at the bottom of the totem pole. You can create brilliant illustrations, photos and other graphic content but if the typography on your website sucks, it will easily turn the reader away.

If you are a web designer just like me, then you should give typography some priority. Here are reasons why it is essential and important in your website and design.

1. It is a medium of communication. We can say that it provide a way of communication between you and your visitor,in short it should be communicate your purpose.

The fonts you use in your website or design are the visuals that your audience will remember most. You want your audience to be able to recognize your company’s brand at any place or time. Typography marks your company and is the one thing the viewer will identify with time and time again.

2. It attracts the eye of your readers. The fonts add spices to your text. It helps readers to notice the information from the text.

Always think that the correct choice of color, font and text size can prove to be vital for attracting your target audience. Using fonts that are clean and easy to read are key to any presentation.

3. It send a certain mood or feeling. When you used it correctly, typography can convey a certain mood or feeling.

The audience needs to understand what message you are trying to send and be interested in it. Having the appropriate font sets the tone for your presentation before you even begin.

4. It establishes an information hierarchy. As a reminder not every bit of text on your website has the same level of importance, just as text on a poster or flyer would be.

Most hierarchy within websites is determined by size, but can also be enforced by choosing another readable font, changing the weight, or color.

5 It reflects professionalism.

The professional approach of design includes typography at its core. Typography defines the importance of content you provide and customer feel secure regarding the information they gain.

6. It creates and builds recognition.

Typography specializes your company and it works as an identification for the viewers. With the help of typography each of your content gains your company's presence.

6. It helps to create harmony.

Typography used throughout a presentation unifies it. Repetition of the same font in your presentation creates continuity and simplicity. Keeping your fonts aligned and in proportion synchronizes your presentation and keeps it uncluttered.

"My Last Words about this"

We can see that many websites choose to use a different font because font choice can be just as effective of defining your site 's personality as images and graphics. With prominent hierarchal text, such as menu items, page titles, and other header text, you can take advantage of using a unique font because you know the reader won 't have to spend much time reading it.


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